LUX NOCTIS – Party – Events in Bucharest



Saturday, July 5th, 2014 – 22:00


Question Mark


Lux Noctis is proud to put together “Something fast” – a tribute party for the legendary band The Sisters Of Mercy!

On Saturday, July 5th, starting 10:00 pm you`ll be caught between “A rock and a hard place” in Question Mark (48-50 Calea Victoriei, Victoria Passage) - the first “Poison Door” on the right, as you climb down the stairs.

Free entrance.

So put your “Ribbons” on because DJ Michael (Germany) and DJ Grace will be “On the Wire” with great tunes, ready to teleport you to “Neverland” ,so you can experience the “Vision thing”.

There`s “No time to cry” so don`t be “Some kind of Stranger” and bring “More” of your friends so we can pass the “Torch” of this magnificent band together!

There`s going to be a raffle at 2 am and you can win 2 surprise T-shirts – so don`t “Walk away” too fast!

We`ll see you there First or Last and hopefully, Always!