November to Dismember – Festival – Events in Bucharest


Festival November to Dismember

Friday, November 28th, 2014 – 16:00


Fusion Arena

How much

199 LEI


November to Dismember Metal Fest is all about a different attitude in the wild East.

The second edition of the festival will take place at the Fusion Arena in Bucharest, between November 28 and November 30.

A lot of fine underground bands to see, all on the same main stage, cheap food and drinks, local and international high quality distro labels confirmed, plus tons of metal fans from Romania and the countries nearby.

For all the maniacs, a new experience deep in the East!


3 days tickets: 199 lei / 45 Euro

1 day ticket: 89 lei / 20 Euro

Buy tickets online!!

Info, tickets, booking: [email protected]


Festival Schedule:

Friday, November 28

MORGOTH (old school death metal - Germany)

PUNGENT STENCH (old school death n roll - Austria)

Saturday, November 29

TANKARD (cold beers & thrash metal - Germany)

ASPHYX (old school death metal - Holland)

LIQUID GRAVEYARD (death metal - UK / Spain)

Sunday, November 30

PYOGENESIS (alternative / gothic / metal - Germany)

ESOTERIC (doom metal masters - UK)

Support Acts 

ABNORMYNDEFFECT (twisted grindcore - Rep.Moldova)

ANGERSEED (death metal - Hungary)

ANTAGONIST ZERO (funeral doom - Finland)

BLOODWAY (dark black death metal - Romania)

CASUS (brutal death metal / grindcore - Germany)

COLDWAR (hardcore / grind / sludge - Ireland)

COPROLITH (fast death metal - Finland)

DEATHSTRUCK (melodic death metal - Hungary)

DEHUMAN (death metal - Belgium)

DELIRIUM X TREMENS (death metal - Italy)

EDENKAISER (black metal - Spain)

ETERNAL DECAY (black metal - Israel)

INTO DARKNESS (old school death metal - Germany)

L’ALBA DI MORRIGAN (doom metal / post-rock - Italy)

LYCHGATE (black metal - UK)

MASS CREMATION (old school thrash metal - Bulgaria)

NAILED TO OBSCURITY (melodic death metal - Germany)

NOCTURN (raw black metal - Romania)

RISE OF TYRANTS (groove thrash death metal - Italy)

SANITY ASSASSIN (swedish death metal - Sweden)

SPIRITUAL RAVISHMENT (grindcore / brutal death metal - Romania)

STIGMHATE (fast raw black metal - Italy)

TONS OF POWDER (groove thrash metal - Rep.Moldova)

WORMWOOD (raw garage black'n roll - Sweden)