InnerSound 2014 "VORTEX" – Festival – Events in Bucharest


Festival InnerSound 2014 "VORTEX"

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014 – 19:00


Multiple venues in Bucharest


International New Arts Festival #3 Vortex 17-20 September 2014, Bucharest @ ArCuB / InSpayer / UNMB / Modulab / CNDB

InnerSound New Arts Festival was created by young and enthusiastic artists from Romania, who gave it a unique format at its first edition in 2012.

VORTEX, the 3rd edition of the festival, is honored by the participation of artists such as the quartets RTE ConTempo (Ireland), Mercury (UK) and Sigma Project (Spain), Henry Vega (Holland/USA), Irina Ungureanu (Switzerland), Barbara Lüneburg (Austria), Gabriel Bebeşelea, Paul Dunca or Irinel Anghel.

Music, film, photography, acoustic or electronic instruments, a vortex of concerts, multimedia shows, short silent films with live music, workshops, perfomance, interactive installations and beautiful people. The main organizer (OPUS Association) and its partners are set to offer the people in Bucharest a fresh sonic and visual oasis.

 InnerSound New Arts Festival wishes to create a new perspective on classical-contemporary music by embedding it in different visual projects – from photography exhibition, silent short movies with live music to multimedia shows.

InnerSound is growing into a strong platform for the emerging composers, instrumentalists, photographers, visual artists and film directors, while at the same time including in its program internationally renowned artists. 


Festival Schedule:

DAY 1: Wednesday, September 17

Day pass: 15 RON

ArCuB (14 Batiştei St.)

7 p.m. – Encounters in Time and Space I


RTÉ ConTempo Quartet & Mihai Cucu – video art (Ireland/Romania)

Bogdan Sofei - violin, Ingrid Nicola – violin, Andreea Banciu - viola and Adrian Mantu – cello

Video: Mihai Cucu

Works by:

Donnacha Dennehy (*1970): Pushpulling, 2007

Ludwig van Beethoven (1770 - 1827): Great Fugue op. 133, 1825

Steve Reich (*1936): Different Trains, 1988, for quartet and tape

8:30 p.m. - Percussion & Electronics (Romania)

Cătălin Creţu (synthesizers, electronics), Dan Alexandru (percussions, electronics)

Special Guest: Thomas Myrmel (Holland) – electronics

InSpayer (24A Batiştei St.)

10 p.m.– Electronic Music

Sillyconductor (Romania)

DAY 2: Thursday, September 18

Free Entrance

National University of Music / Opera and Multimedia Studio (33 Ştirbei Vodă St.)

6 p.m. – Piano & Electronics Recital

Małgorzata Walentynowicz (Poland) - piano/synthesizer/electronics/multimedia

Special Guest: Henry Vega – electronics (Holland)

Works by:

Johannes Kreidler (*1980): study for piano, audio and video playback

Brigitta Muntendorf (*1982): Piano cover - public privacy 2

Pierre Jodlowski (*1971): Série Rose & Série Bleue

Katarina Glowicka (*1977): Retina

7 p.m.– Encounters in Time and Space II               

VORTEX: Reality Check (Austria/Germany)

Barbara Lüneburg – violin & electronics (Germany) & Martin Mallaun - zither & electronics (Austria)

Works by:

Sabina Ulubeanu (*1979): Nachtfalter, 2014 (world premiere)

Silvius Leopold Weiss (1686-1750) & Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750): Courante – Rondeau – Sarabande from Suite in A Major BWV 1025

Daniel Mayer (*1967): Lokale Orbits / Duo 3, 2014

Leopold Hurt (*1979): Reality Check, 2012

8 p.m.– Encounters in Time and Space III

UTOPIAS: SIGMA Project Saxophone Quartet (Spain)

Andres Gomis (soprano sax), Angel Soria (alto sax), Miguel Angel Lorente (tenor sax), Josetxo Silguero (baritone sax)

Works by:

Domenico Scarlatti (1685-1757): Sonata in Fa Major L230 /K350 (Allegro)*

Ramon Lazkano (*1968): Jalkin, 2012

Carlos Gesualdo di Venosa (1564-1619): Tu m´uccidi, o crudele (Madrigal) (1611)*

Simone Movio (*1978): Zahir V

Chasses Anónimas del Ars Nova (s. XIV): Tres dous compains (Chace)*

Diana Rotaru (*1981): Fly in Amber

José Manuel López López (*1956): Simog / Civitella, 2011

Domenico Scarlatti (1685-1757): Sonata in A minor L223/K532 (Allegro)*

[*transcriptions by Salvatore Sciarrino]

InSpayer ( 24A Batiştei St.)

Entrance: 15 RON

10 p.m. – Performance


Performative illusion by/with Irinel Anghel & Paul Dunca (Romania)

DAY 3: Friday, September 19

Day pass: 15 RON

ArCuB (14 Batiştei St.)

7 p.m.– Encounters in Time and Space IV

Irina Ungureanu – soprano and Riccarda Caflisch – flute (Switzerland)

Works by:

Albert Roussel (1869-1937): Deux poêmes de Ronsard

Toshi Ichiyanagi (*1933): Music for Art Kites

Arnold Schönberg (1874-1951): Der kranke Mond, no. 7 from Pierrot Lunaire

Diana Rotaru (*1981): 2 little whos (world premiere)

Doina Rotaru (*1981): Bocet

Philippe Schoeller (*1957): Hypnos Linea

Giacinto Scelsi (1905-1988): Litanie, original version for two feminine voices in unisone

8 p.m.– Short silent films with live music

Silent Film Night

Conductor: Gabriel Bebeşelea

Performing: SonoMania ensemble – Ştefan Diaconu (flute), Mihai Pintenaru (clarinet), Raluca Stratulat (violin), Tamara Dica (viola), Eugen-Bogdan Popa (cello)


Burn Baby, Burn (stop motion animation, Romania)

Director: Ana-Maria Cântăbine; Producers: Ana -Maria Cântăbine & Dorin Moldoveanu Music by: Gabriel Almaşi

Dream Shreds (animation, Holland)

Director: Mira Chendler; Producer: Hein van Dijk

Music by: Vlad Maistorovici

Three minutes to eight (short film, Romania)

Director: Răzvan Dima; Producer: Răzvan Dima

Music by: Mihai Murariu

Unlucky Charms (short film, U.S.A.)

Directors: David S. Dawson & Bryan Keith Davis; Producers: David S. Dawson, Bryan Keith Davis, Theresa Dawson Davis, Laura Marie Davis, Steven Schwartz

Music by: Sebastian Androne

This Room (performance/video art, Romania)

Director: Diana Gheorghiu; Producer: Diana Gheorghiu

Music by: Adina Sibianu

M A I (video art, Romania)

Director: Monica Vlad; Producer: Monica Vlad

Music by: Mihai Măniceanu

ÎnCerc (short film, Romania)

Director: Gabriel Durlan; Producer: Adelina Adochiței

Music by: Şerban Marcu

Dulceaţă de trandafiri (short film, Romania)

Director: Mirona Radu; Producers: Sorin Ana & Mirona Radu

Music by: Sabina Ulubeanu

The Gift (animation, Chile)

Director: Julio Pot; Producer: Cecilia Baeriswyl

Music by: Gabriel Mălăncioiu

InSpayer (24A Batiştei St.)

10 p.m.– Electronics Music

Somnoroase Păsărele (Romania)

DAY 4: Saturday, September 20

Day pass: 15 RON

ArCuB (14 Batiştei St.)

7 p.m.– Encounters in Time and Space V

Mercury Quartet (UK)

Vlad Maistorovici - violin, Antoine Francoise - piano, Harry Cameron-Penny - clarinet, Colin Alexander - cello

Works by:

Oliver Weeks: Iele, 2013

Edmund Finnis (*1984): Quartet in three parts

Johan Treichel (*1989): Hemon

Dan Dediu (*1967): Viscous Sun op. 154, 2014 (world premiere)

8 p.m.– Multimedia Show

Playful Vertigos & Synergic Performatism

LeVant (Romania)

Performers: George D. Stănciulescu (electronics/synth), Cristina Pădurariu (voice/flute), Maria Mora (performance/dance), Paul Dunca (performance/dance), Kubikmilk/Adrian Budritan & Beatrice Sommer (kinect/visuals)

Special Guest: Darie Nemeş-Bota (didgeridoo/metal bowls/caval)

InSpayer (24A Batiştei St.)

9:30 p.m. – Percussion & Electronics

Vega & de Vrees – Percussion Works

Henry Vega - computer & Bart de Vrees - percussion (Holland)

Works by:

Henry Vega (*1973): Light Code (from the Wormsongs cycle)

Henry Vega: Automata Angels

Henry Vega: Izumi

10:30 p.m. - Improvisation

Jam Session with the InnerSound guests


Workshops and Lectures

DAY 1: September 17

The National University of Music in Bucharest / ‚Lipatti’ Hall (33 Ştirbei Vodă St.)

11 a.m. - RTÉ ConTempo - Composition Workshop

1:30 p.m. – Composition Lecture: Simone Movio (Italy)

DAY 2: September 18

Modulab (153 Viitorului St.)

3 p.m. - DIY Electronic Music Instruments (Sound Experiment Workshop)

DAY 3: September 19

The National University of Music in Bucharest / ‚Lipatti’ Hall (33 Ştirbei Vodă St.)

11 a.m. – Composition Lectures: Henry Vega (Holland) and Vlad Maistorovici (UK/Romania)

1 p.m. - Zither Presentation: Martin Mallaun (Austria)

DAY 4: September 20

The National Center of Dance in Bucharest (80-82 Mărăşeşti St.)

11 a.m. - [email protected]ŢA - Interdisciplinary Interactive Real Time Sound Generator


September 17-20

All around Bucharest

Daniel Stancu – URBAN SOUNDS / The Garment that Hears

The time and the performance places shall be notified on the official InnnerSound website ( and on the festival Facebook page.

Photography Exhibition

September 17 – October 17

InSpayer (24A Batiştei St.)

Works selected by the Jury of the Photo Contest „Vortex”: Cosmin Bumbuț, Șerban Mestecăneanu, Gyuri Ilinca, Lucian Muntean and Sabina Ulubeanu