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Party Synthesize the underground!

Thursday, October 23th, 2014 – 22:00


Question Mark


On the 23rd of October, DARK INFLUX, being inspired by the almighty synth, invites you to experience the sonic Synthesis of the past 10 years of underground music, focusing on the revival and reclaim of Post-Punk and the minimal reincarnation of New wave music.

Dark Influx: Synthesis I @ Question Mark

Be there at: 22:00

◄Host DJs►

//Mary Revery

//Hero Phanta


//►Minimal Synth //►Coldwave //►Darkwave //►New Wave //►Old School Post Punk //►Post Punk Revival // Neo Post Punk //►EBM  //►No Wave //►Industrial //►Electropunk Dark Spy Goth Blues //►Ritual in Transfigured Time