The Surrealism of Everyday Life – Art Show – Events in Bucharest


Art Show The Surrealism of Everyday Life

Saturday, September 27th, 2014 – 10:00 – Marcel-G.Lefrancq in Bucharest


National Museum of Art

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Exhibition of Photography MARCEL- LEFRANCQ.

The Surrealism of Everyday Life

Period: 27 September 2014 - 18 January 2015

Location: The National Museum of Art of Romania/ Kretzulescu Halls

Entrance fee: 4 lei

Visiting hours: Wednesday to Sunday 10:00 – 18:00

The National Museum of Art of Romania, Wallonie-Bruxelles International, Delegation Wallonie-Bruxelles in Bucharest and the Charleroi Museum of Photography, Belgium, invites you to visit the exhibition of photography MARCEL-G. LEFRANCQ The Surrealism of Everyday Life.

The exhibition presents sixty photographs recreating, through a series of striking images, an imaginary world, capturing the upsetting realities of the artist’s epoch.

Marcel-G.Lefrancq (1916, Mons – 1974, Vaudignies) made his debut in 1932, as his oldest negatives indicate. He was self-educated in the field of photography, acquiring his own supplies from a local merchant.Nonconformist by his nature, Marcel-G.Lefrancq is the author not only of photographs capturing suggestive aspects of everyday life, but also of elaborate compositions exploring the Surrealist art movement, embraced by many Belgian artists.