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Art Show Given a Random Point - art show

Tuesday, March 3th, 2015 – 19:00


ODD (former Atelier 35)


Given a Random Point

Or about the imponderability of a point


The point as a form of ultimate abstraction. Stripped of materiality or dimension.

Actually, has anyone ever seen a point?

Although it represents a basic concept of geometric analysis, when subjected to individual analysis, we realize that the point lacks any sort of content. (F. Klein, Elementary Mathematics from an Advanced Standpoint: Geometry). By the way, about the point, ever since Euclid, we know that it has no parts.

A void full of meaningful at the intersection between mathematical nominalism and idealism, between geometry and philosophy, the point is all around us and yet nowhere. If two worlds were to intersect in a single point, they could have everything or nothing in common.

Such a point can be found inside the eyeball, where the image of the world is inverted to then be projected upside down on the retina.

Situated uncertainly inside the pupil this point may glide depending on the plane of sight. This comprises two worlds - one that lies ahead of us and one beyond our sight, yet remaining outside of it.

Let’s call it the-point-in-which-the-gaze-contains-itself.

A big-bang moment inside being: in which the image of the whole gathers in a miniscule point to then explode and make all the sense we give to the world.

In this point, the entire content captured by vision acquires the same value on the same informational plan - the material blends in with its shadow, and emptiness is confused with fullness.

So here we are in a paradoxical situation: the point, lacking any content, becomes the material manifestation of a bipolar representation.

Arantxa Etcheverria creates a series of geometric situations, intercepting instances of immanence in everyday life. Forms of conjunction between light and shadow, brought together in the same bidimensional plan.

Given a Random Point functions as a waiting room for a new state of consciousness.

(photo: "Treatise of Man", René Descartes , 1664 edition)