I despair, therefore I exist by Ecaterina Vrana – Art Show – Events in Bucharest


Art Show I despair, therefore I exist by Ecaterina Vrana

Wednesday, April 22th, 2015 – 19:00 – Painting Exhibition




Ecaterina Vrana | I despair, therefore I exist @ Aiurart

April 22 – May 31; Mon – Sat 15:00 – 19:00

Curator: Erwin Kessler

An exhibition powered by Aiurart and MARe (The Recent Art Museum)

"Ecaterina Vrana appears to have o problem: all her paintings are soaked in the experience of being alive.

Seemingly incapable of distancing herself – either conceptually, reflectively, critically or strategically – and unable (or maybe unwilling) to take a step back from her egotistic activism or from anything wise or otherwise, she indulges exclusively and autistically in her very own being, in her tumultuously abrupt life.

Painting is a leech sucking up all the rotten blood on her face turned into a sore, after being incessantly struck. Fat and sleek as a leech that had had its fill, the painting tumbles down upon the beholder that had been seemingly overawed by the strident impudence: her paintings ooze the whole spectrum of horrors coming out of a stark-naked ego, which has not even been covered by the see-through veil of culture, letting out into the open her naughtiest instances of longing and her most detailed debt lists ever.

Ecaterina Vrana’s art is primitive, primordial even, as if it's coming down from Lascaux. Her canvases are merely a makeshift of the cave wall which she daubs ceaselessly in pigment, hoping that one day, the cow, the sheep, the chicken or the human that were painted there will get entangled in her spells so that she may go on to feed handsomely the orgy of fears that keep pushing her around. Hence the reason why her paintings cannot be further from their being “a secondary game and purer at that” as they are instead a primary game, the most ritually unclean and raw game that there ever was: the game that brings about ceaseless desperation, the shock and awe of finding out that pain doesn’t kill, it turns into addictive existence." Erwin Kessler (translation: Bogdan Lepadatu)