MACRAME by Daiana Savopol – Art Show – Events in Bucharest


Art Show MACRAME by Daiana Savopol

Friday, April 24th, 2015 – 19:00


George Enescu Museum



Artist: Daiana Savopol

Special event NAG#9 @ George Enescu Museum

April 24; 19:00

Daiana Savopol’s handy craft will delicately dress up the fence of one of Bucharest’s most famous palaces, Palatul Nababului.

Famous for its glamour and opulence, this superb monument has miraculously stayed frozen in time, one being able to admire in its now insufficiently lit rooms unique architecture ornaments.

Daiana Savopol’s on site intervention brings a tenderness which in our domestic life subdues the objects in the house. The doilies on the fridge, on the TV set, on the phone, on the couch, on the armchairs, on the coffee tables etc. intervene in the space of the house as an appurtenant to the austerity of the new industrial design but also as an accretion of esthetic value.

The roses of a giant macramé doily will temporarily enliven a monument. This comes as a gesture that exceeds the already tested concept of the macrodimensional „wrappings”, a nostalgic trip back in time outside a palace on Calea Victoriei.

Daiana Savopol (b. 1962) is currently a sophomore student at the University of Fine Arts in Bucharest, the painting department where she is being mentored by lecturer Alexandru Rădvan.

Daiana is one of those people who have the courage to take a 180° turn at a point in their lifes. She swerved from a scientific background as a graduate of the Faculty of Building Services and dived into a field that is completely out of control which is that of the arts.

One of the details that encouraged us to present Daiana’s project within this event is actually a flaw of the system that seems to be devoted entirely to young emerging artists. The 30 – 35 age limit becomes in a case such as this discriminating for someone who has shown more courage than many of us ever would. Daiana will be the first emerging artist with whom Asociația Ephemair attempts to break this pattern.

A project produced by Ephemair Association with the generous help of the supporters of "Parenting Arts" campaign.

With the kind support of George Enescu Museum the installation will be displayed during the White Night of the Art Galleries and an more complex version of it will be especially presented for the public during the Night of the Museums in 16th of May.

The National Museum “George Enescu” is located in the Cantacuzino Palace, one of the most beautiful buildings in Bucharest, a historical monument and one of the European Heritage Label buildings. The sumptuous Art Nouveau entrance announces the luxury and the refinement of the époque, reunited in one of the most imposing palaces in Bucharest.

”Art on Display” is a project initiated by Asociația Ephemair reuniting a series of site-specific artistic interventions in the shop windows and other high street venues located in the central area of Bucharest.

On the map of the White Night of the Galleries, the public will discover two such interventions: in the courtyard of the George Enescu Museum and in a shop on Calea Victoriei (Musette).

This approach to urban space is a reflection on the current aesthetic status of the city, imposing a dialogue with the overabundance of commercial images which fills our everyday life. By punctuating the natural journey through the city with artistic works and interventions a tension is created between the images of ”seduction” built by the marketing industry and those generated by the artists’ need to reclaim a visible, accessible space of their own.