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Party optimistic party

Friday, May 15th, 2015 – 22:00




frufru prepares on the 15th of May optimistic party by urban monkey under the night sky, its first musical smoothie with Moonlight Breakfast as secret ingredient.

optimistic party by urban monkey invites you to dance and smile on the 15th of May, from 22:00, at Colectiv Club Bucharest, with the best raw, cold pressed juices, smoothies and cocktails in town. Access to the party is invitation only. For invitations, send your details (name, e-mail) at [email protected].

Colectiv Club becomes a lovely oasis in the heart of the city,where the optimistic vibrations freed by urban monkey juices meet Moonlight Breakfast’s electro soul and “retroelectro” funk rhythms. urban monkey and frufru will overwhelm the club and its court with optimism,along with the creators of delicious tunes like ”Hello”,”No More” and ”Shout”, adored by the Romanian audience.

Among the ingredients of the most optimistic party in town, urban monkey adds to the night’s mix Oktopus and Cristian Gherghely’s musical selections.