Launching the 5th Șușanea – Art Show – Events in Bucharest


Art Show Launching the 5th Șușanea

Saturday, March 5th, 2016 – 20:00


ODD (former Atelier 35)


Atelier 35 invites you Saturday, 5th of March, at 20:00 for the premiere of the 5th installment of the web series Șușanele - The Springs.

▶️ 20:00 Doors Open
▶️ 20:15 First Showing of Șușanele - The Springs
▶️ 20:30 Artist Talk with Șușanele Crew: Mihnea Mihalache-Fiastru (creator), Black Horse Mansion (video), Oana Dorobanțu (PR, social media), moderated by Xandra Popescu
During the talk we will address Șușanele’s ambiguous character, refusing the confines of a given genre, its unconventional making process, and its audience-modeling aspect. 
▶️ 21:00 Salon for socializing with Șușanele crew and cast
Bring your own drinks

Șușanele fictionalizes the events and the anthropology of an universal city. The series touches areas and subjects unaddressed by history and scientific papers, which survive only by word of mouth in the form of stories about the people and the places where we live.

Șușanele proposes a reconfiguration and reinterpretation of everyday life through the update these orphan stories.

The 5th episode of Șușanele talks about the mineral waters in our city. The protagonists are the contemporary social correspondents of the characters which frequented the pontoon bridges over the mineral waters during the 19th century.

The Springs recreates the fine world of that period in a society episode. Based on the premise that only the psychotic mass of the times is changing and fleeting (beliefs, habits, ethics, fashion), yet structurally and funcționally people and society stay the same.

Once a sense of social timelessness is established, The Springs builds a collective storytelling about the life and the people who gathered around the mineral waters of the city.