Bucharest Night of the Houses #3 – Festival – Events in Bucharest


Festival Bucharest Night of the Houses #3

Saturday, October 15th, 2016 – 18:00


various venues


Saturday, 15th of October, you have the opportunity to discover some really cool places which are not so easy to find as a tourist. A nightly constellation of houses, apartments, cultural and social hubs, some of them more residential, other more public, all charming!

Meet Bucharest’s most creative and social inhabitants: artists, entrepreneurs, journalists, craftsmen or activists, they are all inviting you to their homes, as a guest. Discover their projects in small or larger spaces, join their workshop or other informal events.

Night of the Houses will reveal a lively Bucharest, where interesting local people are gathering (or sleeping!) in a circuit of alternative places that will be itself a great experience of discovering the pulse of the city! Further goodies: art shows, film screenings, theatre, parties, cooking contests, witty ceremonies Ș)

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Avanpost8 → Carol 53 → Casa Jurnalistului → Casa Lupu Cetatea Artelor → Colivia → Home Mătăsari → Manasia HubModulab → Insula 42