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Art Show Valeriu Șchiau | The Dream

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013 – 19:00 – Art Show




Valeriu Șchiau
The Dream / Visul 

24th of april - 13th of may, Aiurart Contemporary Art Space
Curator: Olivia Nițiș
Opening: Wednesday, 24th of April, at 19.00h, @Aiurart (Lirei 21)

Valeriu Șchiau is not a confortable artist. Valeriu Șchiau does not have a beautiful dream. Trauma and self-referential exorcism are part of his constant artistic discourse. The failure of parenthood, the family break, the tenssion within most private human relations, but also the observation on family trauma as social phenomenon are revived like a ritualic pattern in the work of this artist born in the Republic of Moldova, active for more than one decade in Bucharest, Romania. 
Valeriu Șchiau’s exhibition message is fully committed. The artist shares a personal story, "dreams" whose radical emotion can not let anyone indifferent and also approaches a valid topic anywhere in the world at this time related to human irresponsibility for their children exposed to harsh social and political realities in which gun is anything but a toy.
Olivia Niţiş, curator