Light! More light! Art show Anu Ramdas – Art Show – Events in Bucharest


Art Show Light! More light! Art show Anu Ramdas

Friday, December 21th, 2012 – 19:00 – Art show opening – Light! More light! by Anu Ramdas (DK)


ODD (former Atelier 35)


In 1810, Goethe published his Theory of Colours, which he considered his most important work. In it, he characterized colour as arising from the dynamic interplay of light and darkness, through the mediation of a cloudy medium. Although disputed, Goethes last words are claimed to have been Light! More light! — In Faust, the devil makes a bet with God: he says that he can lure God’s favourite human being, Faust, away from righteous pursuits. The devil makes an arrangement with Faust: he will do everything that Faust wants, while he is here on Earth, and in exchange Faust will serve the devil in Hell. Faust agrees and signs the contract with a drop of his own blood.


Anu Ramdas is an interdisciplinary artist dealing with issues concerning the aftermath of the collapse of societies; the post-revolutionary challenge, and the way language, performance and architecture is informed and shaped by different ideologies. Ramdas is preoccupied with the very physicality of film itself, and in the means with which, one can make a representation of a place, without making use of a traditional narrative, composition, exposure etc. Alternating between the subtle and the confrontational, her work aims to embody a presence, a gaze, or a state of mind – a place where alternative politics of vision unfolds.