SILENT STRIKE / AINA ROXX (UK) – Concert – Events in Bucharest



Thursday, May 9th, 2013 – 22:00 – Soulful rock, electronica concert



How much

10 LEI


Soulful rock vocals and energetic live shows are the trademarks of AiNA ROXX, a London born singer songwriter whose background has seen her experiment with a variety of musical genres.
AiNA has collaborated with an array of live bands and producers, and has toured across Europe, Canada and the UK. 
AiNA’s latest creation is also her Debut solo EP. Produced alongside Charlie Tenku, ‘Word on The Street’ is a powerful fusion of Rock, Pop and Electronica.
With creative input from Francesco Cameli (Sphere), Adrian Hall (Alicia Keys, Robyn) and Dave Greenberg (Sonopod), ‘Word On The Street’ is an exhilarating journey with an energetic and captivating front-woman at the helm.

Silent Strike (Ioan Titu) is a Romanian electronica music composer born in 1982. He released 5 albums ("Silent Strike" - 2005, "3AM" featuring Lucian Ban and Alex Harding - 2008, "alb"-2009, "Instrumentals"-2011) at LaStrada Music label and "Singularity"- 2012 at Jumping Jesus Records.

He collaborated with numerous musicians and producers (Lucian Ban, Mat Maneri, Alex Harding, Adrian Enescu, Ada Milea, Madam, Alexandrina, Monooka, Maria Radu, AiNA Roxx, Deliric, Kazi Ploae, Norzeatic, Makunouchi Bento, Yvat, brazda lui novac, C.T.C., Specii, Subcarpati, ∆Aimon, Vlaicu Golcea, Sorin Romanescu, Electric Brother, DJ Vasile, Matze, Alienpimp, Dj Undoo, Dj Limun and many more).