GayFest 2013 – Festival – Events in Bucharest


Festival GayFest 2013

Monday, June 3th, 2013 – 12:00


Various locations


Accept Association has the pleasure of inviting you to the 10th edition of the most people-friendly, cheerful and diverse Romanian event of the year, GayFest 2013! This year, GayFest wishes to re-emphasize a concept apparently forgotten, but nevertheless important in human rights activism, the concept of solidarity.

Equal rights and social recognition are the things for which we all have to stand up: lesbians, gays, bisexuals, heterosexuals, transgender people, women, men, queers, drag kings and queens, people of all ethnic origins, young people and elder people, students and teachers, people with disabilities, people from small towns and people from the big cities, people living in big block buildings or in small houses, people who ride everyday by bus, personal car, bicycle and people who preffer to walk; each and every single one of us is an extremely important part of this world’s diversity. And together we are stronger!

GayFest 2013 Program

Monday, June 3rd

Location: Cărturești Verona Bookstore
Address: Pictor Arthur Verona Street No. 13-15

>>> 17:30 LGBT Literature Section Opening Event

>>> 18:00 Public Reading: Kevin Sessums

Location: Legere Live
Address: Piața Rosseti Nr. 5

>>> 20:00 Play: Deseori Neobservat
Featuring: Istvan Teglas, Cristi Gheorghe
Director: Amalia Olaru
Runtime: 60 min

Tuesday, June 4th

Location: TBA
Address: TBA

>>> 18:00 Discussion: Intersectionality, solidarity, coalitions: experiences and strategies

Wednesday, June 5th

Location: TBA
Address: TBA

>>> 19:00 Documentary Film Projection + Discussion about HIV, the gay, bisexuals and transgender men community and about their current situation in Romania
Special guests: Kevin Sessums, Tudor Kovaks, Marian Ursan

Location: Control Club
Address: Constantin Mille Street No. 4

>> 23:00 Boulangerie – LGBT Party

Thursday, June 6th

Location: Elvira Popescu Cinema
Address: Dacia Blvd. No. 77

>>> 19:00 LGBT Short films projection

Prora (11 min)
(Switzerland, 2012)

Attu Vatn? (17 min)
(Iceland, 2010)

>>> 20:00 Discussion: Why do we go to the Pride?

>>> 21:00 Film projection (long-length)

Beyond Gay. The politics of Pride
(Canada, 2009)
Director: Bob Christie
Runtime: 87 min

Friday, June 7th

Location: Elvira Popescu Cinema
Address: Dacia Blvd. No.77

>>> 17:00 Film projection (long-length)

Les Amants Passagers*
(Spain, 2013)
Director: Pedro Almodóvar
Runtime: 90 min
(*original title: Los Amantes Pasajeros)

>>> 19:00 LGBT Short films projection

Kiss & Kill (11 min)
(France, 2011)

Dentro Roma (27 min)
(Italy, 2006)

Skallaman (12 min)
(Norway, 2011)

20:00 Discussion: Transgender people in Romania

21:00 Film projection (long-length)

Prodigal Sons
(USA, 2008)
Director: Kimberly Reed
Runtime: 86 min

Saturday, June 8th

>>> 17:00 Gay Pride + Discrimination-free zone

This year, Gay Pride takes place on the Kiseleff Boulevard, from the Arch of Triumph to Victoriei Square, according to the following schedule:

17:00- 17:30 Gathering of the participants
17:30- 18:00 Gay Pride: Arch of Triumph –> Victoriei Square
18:00- 19:00 Discrimination-free zone

More details about the events here: