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Art Show The time that will come - Vlad Basalici

Friday, March 15th, 2013 – 20:00 – Art show opening - White Code




"In 2005, while I still living in Cluj, a friend told me that in Sweden at every four months is scheduled an air raid alarm when the sirens begin to sound for one minute in Malmo and all other Swedish cities. I've been thinking lately, about what he told me then. In 2010 I sketched a first draft form but I realized that was not feasible, it lacks something. Then I found out that actually are more countries where an air raid siren is scheduled at regular intervals. That changed my way of working. In 2011 I bought a ticket to Tel Aviv for the spring of the next year, knowing that it meant I must start working on the project. I do not have time. Here I made the first video of the first alarm. Next cities were Paris and Amsterdam. The three videos of this ongoing projects 'The time that will come' will be part of the exhibition of the same name hosted by Alert Studio".

Vlad Basalici is a visual artist and performer. His works released in collaboration or as personal projects was presented at Centre for Visual Introspection Bucharest, Stribei Palace Bucharest, Paintbrush Factory Cluj,Explore Dance Festival Bucharest Bucharest, DansensHus Copenhagen, Alternative Film/Video Belgrade.

The time that will come
sound editing: Gabriel Basalici
*Paris: sound recording: Andra Chitimus

Special thanks: Adina & Marius Ochea, Bosmat Nossan, Noah Teichner, Andra Chitimus, Eduard Gabia, Johan Allgoth

The exhibition is on view between 15th of March and 29th of March. Visit will be programmed via e-mail: [email protected]