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Party Rush Party! @ InSpayer

Friday, November 15th, 2013 – 00:00




November the 15th you are invited to party with Rush-Events at InSpayer Batistei and discover what the #RUSH is all about.


♆ Luca & Longest
Luca & Longest are Constantangeles Massive's young guns. Keeping track with technology and with their ears linked to every corner of the world, the two have reached their sound maturity throughout gigs in Constanta, Bucharest and Cluj. Come and see their innovative show on Friday, you'll be surprised.

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♆ Minus 
Even Einstein could figure out that this computer programmer from Bucharest has collected way more musical power-ups than your average beat maker. Combining massive mountains of bass with glitchy twinkling Gameboy melodies and a healthy dose of synth funk, it's no surprise that he's released a wide selection of EPs on Arhiva7 and Local Records, both labels representing the burgeoning electronic music scene in Romania. But it's his live performances that have been taking him to festivals all over Europe and Romania, where he dubs out his tracks and reworks them live. On the plus side, if Tron teleported to Kingston, he'd have at least one friend there already. You do the math. 

Enjoy the #Rush!

♆ Liar + live visuals by Redshore
"Spirewards” (freshly released on Symbols Recordings) – is Liar’s massively-diverse concept LP, that revolves around an eponymous story that was unveiled to him, in tiny bite-sized chunks, over the course of many years of dreaming… a puzzle epic that was only recently completed. With his signature sets – anything from 90 minutes to 240 minutes of genre-obsolete, BPM-obsolete, versatile cutting-edge wayfaring through everything from a futuristic take on musical history, to a history of the future of music - all performed with surgical precision, rare wit and an infectiously engaging stage presence, Liar will definitely steal the spotlight in any given night. Completely inspired from his Indian tour, and energized from his ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) performances, Liar will be playing at InSpayer Batistei on Friday!

Release the #Rush!

♆ High Jet 
High Jet, our well known party starters, are just waiting to release their first EP, 'The Movie' on 'Dark Clover Records'. One of the tracks that is featured on this EP - “The Chase” has recently been remixed by ViLLAGE. Remember how we promised you some goodies? Drop by our party and hear some freshly baked sounds from the always kickin'it duo’s second EP – 'As Seen On TV' - which will be out in 2014 on 'Origami Sound' and they'll be showcasing their next single 'Barp Simpson' featuring Disco Sigaretta's member Pieton aka Gino Vox. 

Feel the #Rush, listen to the #Future!

Want to feel the Rush? Go to the party and you will get some!

(^^^) Funktion One Sound (^^^)

Entrance fee: 10 RON before midnight / 15 RON after