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Film Documentary Mondays @ Czech Centre

Monday, December 2th, 2013 – 20:00


Czech Centre


My Latest 150.000 Cigarettes | Ivo Bystřičan | Czech Republic 2013, screening @ Czech Centre Bucharest


The struggle with the tobacco industry, with the help of infotainment and a video journal, authenticity and stylization. Armed with the facts and dressed up as a giant cigarette, the filmmaker heads out into public, to the gates of tobacco companies, and among politicians. Low comedy and the withdrawal mission of a heavy smoker, all with a clear antihero.

Day 2. “All I can do is sleep or get drunk and fall asleep… God, how I want a smoke!” The director/main protagonist speaks with the shaky voice of an addict in detox. The facts speak clearly: “Cigarettes kill more quickly than weapons.”source:

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