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Party Selectro Party! @ Colectiv

Saturday, November 30th, 2013 – 21:00



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20 LEI


Selectro Weekend Party in Bucharest @ Colectiv

Selectro is basically a selection of electronic music based, from early beginnings, on audience needs , but keeping the spotlight on the most important Romanian contributors to this genre. Having a content that underwent many changes in time, Selectro soon earned its prestige and became a product to be "exported" to clubs in Bucharest. Few years ago, it made its debut at Activ FM Radio Station. The show was intended to be, from the outset, an interactive one, broadcasting live guests performances. After Selectro became deservingly "exportable", the show swithched to another radio station - Dance FM - still keeping its main focus on Romanian artists.

Line up:

▶CRAZY P - Notthingham, UK

In an era of, let’s face it, convenience, disposability, MP3s, and the Beatport Top 10, the fact that Crazy P still exist is somewhat reassuring.

Reassuring AND inspiring. Couple that with the fact that now, in 2013, that house music has come back round again, and Crazy P are still there leading the way with their live band shows, and Soundsystem and DJ sets from Sydney to Brazil and London to Glastonbury, and you start to see just how much of an impact they have had on the UK dance music scene since their inception in 1996.

With five acclaimed albums under their belt to date (‘A Nice Hot Bath With’, ‘The Wicked Is Music’, ’24 Hr Psychedelic Freakout’, ‘A Night on Earth’, ‘Stop Space Return’, and ‘When We On’) the influence that they have had on a number of today’s hot young guns – Foals, Hot Chip, Wolf and Lamb, Soul Clap, Jamie Jones, Eats Everything, Friendly Fires, and Flight Facilities can all be counted as fans – cannot be under estimated or ignored.

Whilst the longevity of their career may suggest a certain ‘national treasure’ status – and indeed, like Norman Jay, Greg Wilson, Pete Tong and Gilles Peterson they are a part of the historic fabric of UK dance music – it’s their relatively recent adventures into club land with their 2/3 person soundystem shows and DJ sets that have kept them incredibly relevant with the newer generation of clubbers in venues like DC10, D:Edge, and Wilde Renate showing them love.

Seasons change, trends come, trends go, and whilst the current penchant for disco and house means that The P are more relevant than ever, Crazy P have been far too busy just being Crazy P. There isn’t really anyone else quite like them out there as it goes.

And thats why we love them.


Now London based, Hot Casandra have been producing synth driven music that has an underground electro sound, as well as 80’s synth pop since 2010.

Hot indeed! Synths gargle and burble away under rhythm boxing and associated percussion plus anthemic vocals that are pretty 80s... New York dance 80s -Talk Talk for instance, but also commercially poppy stuff like The Beloved, then again a bit of Ultramarine or Orbital - Italian House piano parts, wobbly dubstep passages, plus some operatic female singing- having a crack at something refreshingly different for sure.





Entrance fee: 20 lei