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Film Unfair World @ Thursday Movie Night

Thursday, March 27th, 2014 – 19:00


European Public Space


Thursday Movie Night, weekly film screening at the European Public Space in Bucharest

Unfair World (drama, Greece - Germany,  directed by Filippos Tsitos, 2011, 107 min)

English subtitle.

UNFAIR WORLD is a very tragic comedy about how people become unfair to others because they are unhappy. Whether by weakness like Sotiris or by need like Dora, the characters are all caught in the same trap: they lead a life that they don’t appreciate and they have no idea how the life they would like to have should be.

Each one’s perception of justice means injustice for someone else. As a result, everyone is right; and wrong at the same time.

The story is about the paradoxical search of happiness in wrong places, in wrong moments, and the deep existential stress once we realise such a mistake in our life. In UNFAIR WORLD we wanted to create a cinematic world that reflects reality in a way that it transmits to the audience the essence of every moment and every character. With abstraction (in colours, in settings, in acting), with very simply composed images and a very austere cinematography, we wanted to search for the honesty of feelings. Director: Filippos Tsitos

Free entrance; be there at 19:00