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I live in Bucharest for 12 years and I spend a lot of time out in town, in cafes, terraces, bookshops, clubs or cinemas. I’m too urban to ever think about living away from the city’s excitement.


Love/Hate Bucharest:


I like the chaos of Bucharest. This town has a kind of creative energy hard to find in many big Europe’s cities; it’s young and eclectic.


I would enjoy less traffic and more open spaces, pedestrian – public places where you can lay down. And bicycle tracks for me to ride at my will.

Travel tips from Karin:

FOOD: I don’t get out of the centre as I’ve always lived in this area; my job is also in the centre of Bucharest. So I am happy with what I find in the area. I’m not too pretentious about food; I’m ok with salads, soups, pasta or Lebanese plates. I would eat fresh fish anytime, but I don’t trust Bucharest is the place for that, only the seaside and in the Danube Delta. I like pasta and salads at Shift; Garlic on Eminescu St. has also very good salads (in pizza dough); Home on Xenopol St. has great spinach pasta; Lebanese food at Tripoli or Four Seasons. There is also a hidden teahouse on Aurel Vlaicu St. (La Vlaicu) where I take in summer green tea with ice cream and mint. I like the new Lente Café in Armeneasca St. area; it’s nice and chill.

DAY: I din’t find yet the perfect pool. I like to ride my bike and loose on the little streets in Matache St. area. Speaking about terraces I used to like E-Uranus and Una Galeria, now closed… Nowadays, I go pretty often to Energiea, Atelierul Mecanic (especially last year when it was less crowded), PRIMUS, on George Enescu St. (for the pub atmosphere) or to MTR (Clubul Taranului), although there are some of the most uncool bartenders in Bucharest… Fabrica also is not bad; it is more the kind of punk and skate style. I used to look for terraces with unfiltered beer; nowadays you can find it almost everywhere.

NIGHT: I usually have a club where I go almost every time with my friends. In high school it was Fire, during first university years – B52 and Expirat; now I’ve settled for a while in Control, where I meet someone I know any time I go; it also has the advantage of being right at Universitate Square. Though on Tuesday all drinks are half price, which is appreciated, their alcohol could be better. Otherwise I really enjoy Eden Club - in the basement of Stirbey Palace. The setting is pretty cool, the music is neat and you can play table tennis in between beers. Club Colectiv also is pretty cool for concerts, it is located in an ancient factory and it has one of the best sound systems and AC in town, very good quality alcohol also. Molotov has recently opened at Ciclop, a deserted parking space in the center, it is quite a feeling to dance and look by the window and see Magheru boulevard.

SHOPPING: I’m not a shopping addict, so not even for clothes I don’t go further than the city centre; so as a matter-of-fact I enter the shops on my way… Moreover I didn’t quite change my style from my teens, so I still shop at Hippie Hippie Shake, Mini Prix and lately at Glow in Romana Square. There are also some outlets I visit, such as Tonka near Cinema Studio, which despite the loud music and bad taste air it has some cool items. If I go to Unirea, I enter New Yorker, Pull&Bear and H&M. I only shop for clothes on sale, I don’t think it is worth otherwise. I heard lately that on Stefan cel Mare St. there are a lot of second hand shops between Lizeanu and Obor market, I’m tented by a sort of escapade… Otherwise, I also buy clothes from young Romanian designers, at fairs or by contacting them directly. But I spend more time in bookshops and stationeries than in other kind of shops – Carturesti, Bastilia, Humanitas Kretulescu and Anthony Frost. There is also a French library I particularly enjoy, Kyralina on George Enescu, it has the exact intimate and pleasant feel of a small library you can spend hours in.

CULTURE: My favourite cinemas are Studio and Elvira Popescu, having that art and neighbourhood cinema look and feel. The art gallery I like most at this moment is Aiurart, recently opened on Lirei St., close to “Mihai Viteazu” high school. I enjoy the escapades at MNAC and also I like very much the MNAC Annex opened in the centre of Bucharest, in Sfantu Gheorghe area. Last time I went to the theatre at Godot Café on Blanari St., I like the theatre-bars in Bucharest (Green Hours too) where you can also enjoy a glass of wine during the play.

BUCHAREST DISCOVERY: I like very much Gara de Est (East Railway Station), almost deserted, having the air from old times. Still in the area, I also like the Parachutists tower; I’d take some photos there.

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