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About Tiberiu

53 years, Professional

Communication Consultant

I like the urban industrial architecture, the quality cultural experiments in the public space, reading and cinema. I work in the area of communication for projects development in social change.

Love/Hate Bucharest:


Bucharest still offers the pleasure of some urban residential areas with a quality urban setting. There is a of unexplored Bucharest, such as the interior yards, the private gardens, the gangways, the buildings within the industrial patrimony.


What we don't need is the dirt, the noise in some areas, the bad taste of some landscape architecture. We would definitely like a town for the people and less for the cars.

Travel tips from Tiberiu:

FOOD: Klassis restaurant in Viilor Road, a Turkish traditional restaurant, just like in Istanbul, serving hot dishes.

Divan restaurant on Franceza St., where the cuisine and the Turkish atmosphere are for a sort of educated, good taste crowd; this is the place for experiencing the atmosphere of the Istanbul middle-class.

Dristor Kebab, the best "shaorma" style dishes, the same ingredients and recipe, no matter if you try it once in two years or ten times per year.

La Oskar restaurant, managed by George Butunoiu, with a new conviviality concept, based on serving in a dining-room and a kitchen using a lot the traditional products.

Violeta's bistro bistro on Calderon St., for the homy kitchen, the intimate, family like atmosphere, a few tables, where the owners and the kitchen staff, Violeta and her husband are talking to the clients. Violeta's also hosts gastro-cultural evenings, with bistro music, Mr. Gigi Melody and Eugen Istodor.(update: relocated on 9 Ionescu Gion St., near Unirii Square)

Not to forget Tartelier, in the Grant Bridge area, a crafted bakery, with "Stefan Gheorghiu" and "Irina Gheorghiu" bread (they work with high quality ingredients).

If you prefer a takeaway, in Benjamin Franklin St. there is a store with cooked food, salads, drinks, everything is "Slow food to take away".

DAY: What I like best is boating in the Danube Delta, to Crisan-Mila 23, to the Eco-tourism Centre Rowmania or in Dobrogea, in Taitei Valley, Hamcearca district, just relaxing.

SHOPPING: Pop-up shop Patzaikin

CULTURE: National Museum of Contemporary Art (MNAC), street art exhibits, ARCUB

BUCHAREST DISCOVERY: Technical Museum near Libertatii Park, the old houses area in Viilor Road. The houses on Serban Voda Road, the section between Marasesti Blvd. and Tineretului Park.

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