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35 years, Professional

PR Representative

Humor is the best divine gift for humans.

Love/Hate Bucharest:


I like Bucharest for the multitude of opportunities it offers to people both regarding professional and private options and I am fond of its dynamism and diversity. 


I totally dislike pollution and cars parked on the pavements.

Travel tips from Mirela:

FOOD: When I am in the mood for having dinner out, most of the times I choose Excalibur. It is a very interesting restaurant that offers not only the possibility to enjoy some of the best meals in the city, but also a chance to travel back to the medieval times. Waiters wear authentic medieval cloths and there are no cutlery, which means you have to use your hands in order to eat. Caru cu bere is probably one of the oldest and the most impressive restaurants in the city. The interior design reminds you of the elegant places where royal balls were held in the old times, while the tasty Romanian traditional food makes you want to give up any diet. 

DAY: My spare time is never enough for all the things I want to do. However, I still find time for walks and sports. Cismigiu Park is my favorite place of recreation. I love to feed the birds in there and to admire the beauty of the trees. Another place that I consider to be a refugee from the tumultuous rhythm of the city is the Botanical Garden. Founded in 1860, the garden could be regarded as a permanent exhibition of the natural beauty of plants and trees. It is also used as a place for different cultural events. ArCuB Teahouse is one of the newest teahouses in the city. Compared to any other similar places in the city,ArCuB Teahouse is a select bohemian place where famous theater actors or different well known artists gather together for some moments of relaxation given by the aromatic flavours of the exotic teas, and some very good music. 

NIGHT: After long days of work and stress, the perfect place to relax and have fun with friends is Coyote Cafe, a very fancy club, known as one of the  most amusing karaoke places in the city. It is also famous for the lovely atmosphere created by the good music. Besides, it’s a club where most of the foreigners who come to Bucharest generally gather to feel the vibe of the city. Another place that I love to go to is Maya Club. This club has lots of surprises for its clients. Most of the time, people who go there receive tequila shots for free and they can assist to some very artistic lap dance sessions.  

SHOPPING: Compared to what they say about women, I am very pragmatic and I don’t like going shopping. However, when I want to feel good and to buy new cloths, I always choose Desigual. Most of the time, I buy books. And my favorite book shop is Humanitas . Here I can have some drink, too. Besides, many times I had the opportunity to join cultural events that are held in there. 

CULTURE: Bucharest is full of cultural places to enjoy, but I am crazy about visiting the Village Museum. I was brought up in the country side and that’s why visiting that amazing place gives me a certain sense of nostalgia.

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